Listemann Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Biskupińska 23
30-732 Kraków
+48 12 653 42 30


Since 2005 Listemann Polska offers brazing and heat treatment services based on nitrogen-cooled vacuum furnaces. We are experts in conformal cooling and temperature controls of injection molds and die casting. We recognize the progress of technological progress and offer support to our customers. We analyze our customers’ requirements, develop proposals for technology and process solutions that meet quality, productivity and cost requirements in the best possible way.

Our services:

• design and simulation of temperature control,
• additive manufacturing – 3D,
• brazing and vacuum hardening,
• heat treatment,
• electron beam welding,
• anti-corrosion coating of cooling channels.


• elimination of production waste,
• high quality of manufactured moulded parts,
• shortening of the production cycle time,
• reduction of energy demand.