Pavi Sorte sp. z o.o.
Brzozówka 20C
32-340 Wolbrom
48 534 108 283


We are a polish manufacturing company specialized in pressed products based on SBR rubber granules which came from truck tire recycling. Our roots go back to 2011. Based on our experience and taking care of environmental protection from the beginning of Pavi Sorte activity we decided to give tire waste a second life. Our enterprise presently manufacture products to many sectors:
● sport (playgrounds and fitness)
● railway
● road
● building
● military
High flexibility of our production technology lets us adapt very quickly to adapt the final product for end customer will. Our company is open for new contracts and cooperations.
Our strengths:
● productions experienced
● location , border or provice Małopolska & Śląsk (highly industrialized region)
● quick adapt of final product
● young and dynamic menager team