WIP sp. z o.o.
Przemysłowa 3A
87-700 Aleksandrów Kujawski
+48 54 282 54 61


Since 1993, WIP has been consistently providing the highest quality PET preforms and HDPE caps to customers not only in Poland. With an annual production of more than 1.7 billion preforms, WIP is one of the leading manufacturers in industry.
The success of WIP is based on three pillars:
• High quality: WIP uses only carefully selected raw materials and rigorous quality control processes to ensure reliability and durability of its products.
• Qualified staff: The experienced WIP team consists of engineers and technicians who have extensive knowledge and skills in the production of preforms and caps.
• Know-how: WIP has many years of experience in the packaging industry, which allows the company to offer its customers innovative solutions and optimal efficiency.
WIP’s offer includes a wide range of PET preforms intended for the production of bottles of various capacities and applications. The company has recently also offered HDPE caps.
WIP focuses on sustainable development and uses environmentally friendly production practices. The company constantly invests in new technologies that reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials.
WIP is not only a manufacturer, but also a reliable business partner. The company offers its clients comprehensive service, including consulting, technical support and after-sales service.