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The goal of the project entitled “Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies United for LightwEighT” with the acronym AMULET is to create new value chains by fostering the penetration of advanced materials in different fields through cross-regional and cross-sectoral knowledge exchange. 

Two types of activities will be implemented to foster innovation in SMEs:

– R&D demonstration projects targeting current sectorial challenges will be developed to reach TRL7, following a competitive-based approach;

– all SMEs participating in the project will receive technical training support and business to-business coaching for accelerating the commercialisation of their innovative solutions.

These activities will create a unique self-sustainable business framework, in which end-users and SMEs from established and new industrial supply chains will explore innovative lightweight-driven market opportunities.

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Duration of the project: 1.09.2021 – 30.11.2024

Project budget: 4 994 507,00 EUR

EU co-financing: 4 952 732,00 EUR

The Project is carried out as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.