EwelPlast sp. z o.o.
Lipiny 83B
92-701 Łódź
+48 603 60 60 62


EwelPlast sp. z o.o. is manufacturer of plastic pallets of the EURO type.

Our palette was designed from the ground up by our company, which resulted in a positive patent report. Thanks to our design, we have “slimmed down” the pallet to 14 kg without losing the dynamic load capacity of 1,200 kg, the static load capacity of 6,000 kg and the shelf load capacity of 1,000 kg.

We are able to place your company LOGO on our pallet, select the colour to the customer’s liking, collect a damaged pallet ourselves and replace it with a new one (so you don’t have the problem of disposing of the damaged pallet) and we have our own transport.

To meet the demands of the transport and storage market, we want to promote environmental protection by preserving wood (used in the manufacture of wooden pallets and cardboard boxes). Our company is introducing EURO type plastic pallets to the Polish and European markets.