Akson Sp. z o.o.
ul. Grunwaldzka 32
85-236 Bydgoszcz
+48 52 325 93 94


AKSON company is closely connected with packaging industry, primarily being the producer of moulds for elements of packaging
for following technologies:

• IM injection moulds – screw on and snap on caps, lids, flip top closures, jars,
• EBM extrusion blow moulds – bottles, canisters, containers,
• ISBM tools units for injection stretch blow moulds – PET bottles,
• IBM tools units for injection blow moulds – bottles.

„Much more than just tools for plastics proc essing” is the motto of our business. By unders tanding market needs, Akson does not only make moulds for packaging production, but also designs packaging through all phases of a project, that is: development of an idea of a packaging, shape study, feasibility study, documentation of a model, optimization, creating final 3D and 2D drawings and defining specification of a packaging.