APX Technologie Sp. z o.o.
ul. Centralna 27
05-816 Opacz
+48 52 569 14 72


APX Technologie sp. z o.o. is company operating in three sectors:
• CNC Machine Tools sales and service,
• Production of tool accesories for CNC machine tools, milling machines and manual lathes,
• Cooperation in manufacturing processes, ia for aviation and railway industry.

In our offer You find the highest quality Japanese machines – FANUC, MATSUURA, Taiwanese machine tools brands HARTFORD,
GOODWAY, QUASER, large dimensional Spain machine tools from CORREA, Italian BIGLIA, and many others.

APX Production Plant is located in Ciencisko near Strzelno, which is specialized in machining of metal parts and production equipment for CNC machine tools, for example collet chucks, toolholders, lathe chucks, and others. Additionally we cooperate in machining metal parts for the aviation, machine-tool and railway industries.

The confirmatiion of our quality is the implementation of certificates: PN-EN ISO 9001 -„Machining and sales of machining products and tooling manufacturing”.