Cold Jet Sp. z o.o.
ul. Łukowska 12
64-600 Oborniki
+48 798 33 88 00


Cold Jet is a manufacturer of dry ice cleaning and dry ice production equipment. The company is headquartered in Oborniki Wielkopolskie, near Poznan, Poland, where the manufacturing, service and administrative offices are located. Cold Jet dry ice blasting uses less
dry ice and compressed air than any other blasting system on the market. Cold Jet dry ice blasting can be used in almost any industry including plastic processing, mold cavity cleaning, deburring, automotive, food processing, as well as historical restoration and auto detailing. The benefits of using this method are mainly shortened cleaning time by 70% on average, increased productivity, minimized
downtime in the company. Cold Jet’s newest PCS 60 dry ice blasting machine is capable of cleaning in multiple sizes, making it versatile
for many applications.

The second product line offered by Cold Jet is dry ice production, dosing and packaging systems. These systems allow for the continuous production of dry ice in a variety of sizes, which is a proven cooling medium for the food home delivery, life science and biotechnology products.