DCR Sp. z o.o.
ul. Fabryczna 1
97-371 Wola Krzysztoporska
+48 446 163 083


DCR sp. z o. o. is a pro-ecological company implementing the idea of a circular economy, dealing in the recycling of industrial packaging (IBC containers of various capacities, steel drums and plastic barrels of various capacities). A complementary area of activity is the processing of plastics: the plant produces HDPE regranulate from non-recyclable plastic containers, which is a raw material for the production of new items.

Additionally,DCR sp. z o. o. provides the service of regeneration of the above-mentioned packaging. The  technology used ensures the highest quality products with properties that do not differ from new products.

In 2021, DCR sp. z o. o. expanded its activity and, using the experience in the processing of plastics, launched the production of new plastic barrels with a capacity of 200l and new inner plastic receptacle for IBCs.