ESFOM sp. z o.o.
ul. 1 Dywizji 17A
14-100 Ostróda
+48 790 600 658


Esfom is a valued supplier of products in the broadly understood plastics processing industry. During nearly 10 years of operation, the company has acquired a number of competences in the field of advanced processing of plastic products. The processing base is made of polyethylene and polyurethane foams as well as HDPE boards from which the company manufactures specific products or components used in further production (e.g. in the machine industry) upon the customer’s request.

Most of the company’s activities are of a service or product-service nature and are based on projects provided by the client – they process specific materials, finally delivering details with given parameters. Thanks to 3D scanning (three-dimensional laser technology), they can easily measure any spatial detail with dimensions from a few centimeters to several meters.

The company’s main customers are large and small entities from such industries as: yachts, furniture, cars and packaging. But the company’s production goes far beyond the borders of Poland. Using the boatbuilding experience, the company cooperates with the yachting industry from around the world. They cut and mill windows, fairings, companionways. They also produce table tops, flaps, seats and switchboards.

They perfectly know the technology of processing plastics, which they give the desired form. They have a machine park and knowledge, and all this enablesthe production of diverse products from the entire range of raw materials.

They model and produce the future for your needs.