ul. Fabryczna 24
25-818 Kielce
+48 41 368 02 19


Formaster Group is the owner of three brands: Dafi, SeeYoo and HexR. We are proud, that since 30 years we are dynamically operating on the market.

We produce household devices and accessories. We specialize in water pitchers, bottles, filters, vacuum containers and water heaters production. HexR’s new product – air heater- already gains sympathy of the customers.

We own design office, lab and few production lines. When it comes to production of our devices, we fully automated it. Our company has two locations in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship – in Kielce and Bilcza. We hire 380 specialists and work with leading distributors.

We focus on ecology – we recycle our industrial waste and use natural energy sources. We build environmental awareness among our customers and emphasize that it is worth giving up disposable plastic packaging in favor of reusable products. From the very beginning we try to live in harmony with nature and search for solutions, that might help the environment.