ITA sp. z o.o. sp. k.
ul. Poznańska 104, Skórzewo
60-185 Poznań
+48 61 222 58 00

ITA is a Polish company which has been providing comprehensive metrology and tooling solutions for over 24 years. Our offer includes state-of-the-art solutions provided by leading global manufacturers of measuring equipment and cutting tools.
The solutions provided by ITA ensure the highest accuracy of measurements. Our measuring systems and cutting tools can be used for ensuring the quality of finished products, off-line and on-line quality assurance during the production process, conducting material tests and manufacturing objects from a broad range of materials, including difficult-to-machine ones.

Several hundred Polish and foreign companies, representing a very broad spectrum of industries, have trusted us. Our clients include respected companies from the automotive, aviation, arms, machine, plastics processing and many other industries.
In addition to access to technologies of reputed manufacturers of measuring systems and cutting tools, we also offer the highest quality repair, maintenance, installation and training services. We have our own laboratory where we conduct material tests (physical characteristics and composition), as well as length and angle metrology tests.

The main assets of ITA are know-how and experience. Our team consists of qualified engineers and metrology and tooling experts who are great at understanding the diverse needs of our clients. We cooperate with universities and scientific institutions on joint innovative R&D projects which enable the creation of new technologies for industry.

We will be happy to work for you!