NBS PROGRESS sp. z o.o.
al. Kalifornijska 1
55-020 Rzeplin
+48 782 245 644


NBS Progress Sp. z o. o. – is the owner and operator of: Park and Incubator of Entrepreneurship – BOOSTERHUB – in Rzeplin near Wrocław (
The Park and Incubator was built in 2020 and started operating in 2021. It has the status of BEI and conducts activities aimed at supporting young technology companies. It consists of production and office space. It has a separate common co-working space as well as a common prototype workshop equipped with 3D printers, a milling machine, CAD/CAM software, etc. It was designed for the needs of technical companies, especially in the early stages of development.
In addition to infrastructure, it offers strictly business support, i.e. a business training program characterized by a strictly practical approach to running a business: e.g.: conducting market analyses (market/customers/competition), working on a business model, formulating strategies, operational plans, assistance in organizing and building company structures, support in obtaining financing (investment funds, private investors, etc.).