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RSR Engineering Sp. z o. o. is the official representative of the following companies:

– Toyota Europe
– Campetella Robotic Center

The RSR Engineering group began its activity on the Polish market with the distribution of Rigon’s assortment, which has been supplying for over 35 years connectors, standard parts and special elements for the plastics processing industry.

Rigon is a brand trusted by over 1,200 customers around the world. Rigon’s headquarters is located in Italy, while its branches are located in Poland, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia and even Egypt!

Toyo are fully electric injection machines built in Japan. Our new range of electric injection molding machines of the new SI – 6S series is divided into: 13 different sizes from 50 t to 1300 t

In the sector of special machines for the packaging industry, TOYO has developed injection molding machines with cycles up to 2 sec. With a tonnage of 180, 230, 280, 350, 450.

Campetella is an Italian manufacturer of robots and automation systems that has been on the market for 126 years.
It produces Cartesian robots, side robots and 5-axis robots. The fastest Gun Shot robot built on carbon fiber works with total cycles of 2.5 s