We are proud to announce that the 6th International Co-operative Trade Fair for the Tool and Processing Industry, which took place from 16-18 April 2024, has now come to an end. This extraordinary event brought together industry, technology, and innovation professionals, offering not only a platform to showcase the latest developments, but also inspiring meetings and the opportunity to exchange experiences.

The first day of the fair started with a conference on environmental issues under the motto ‘Recycling plastics in a regulatory thicket. Still a noble idea or already a utopia?”. We hosted prominent experts who took part in two key panel discussions:

1️⃣ “The future of the polymer plastics industry in the context of environmental challenges” – a panel that shed new light on the prospects and challenges facing us in an environmental context.

2️⃣ “The ESG challenge – reporting sustainability issues and its impact on industry competitiveness” – where we explored how sustainability affects our industry and how it can be reported effectively.

The second day of the fair was a cooperation exchange, which enabled entrepreneurs to establish valuable business contacts and exchange experiences.

The third day of the fair was an educational day. Pupils from schools in the region attended a lecture on the tool and process industry and had the opportunity to tour the hall.

We would like to thank all participants, exhibitors and partners for their participation in this highly inspiring edition of INNOFORM. Your commitment and enthusiasm made this year’s event unforgettable. We are already looking forward to the next edition, where we can continue our journey together towards a more sustainable future.