Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowa RYBACKI Zbigniew Rybacki
ul. Nakielska 89
85-347 Bydgoszcz
+48 52 345 64 55


Rybacki CNC Partner, the family company has been established in 1991. One of the main pillar of our business are the turning lathe, the
milling machines and the bench drills. Till April 2022 we used to produce and process of plastic components utilized for the motor gas fittings (LPG). In 2006 during the International Gas Forum in Warsaw our company was awarded for the innovation in that area.

Over ten years we have been providing services related to the metal processing, milling and lathework which is the main focus of our activity. The demand for this type of service encouraged us to expand our capabiltity and we made new investments by purchasing the Mikron VCE 1600 3-spindle milling machine, HAAS SL30-THE turning lathe and AVIA VMC 650 i AVIA VMV 800. Currently, these are the main pillars of our business. Thanks to that long term experience and skillfull personnel we are able to provide reliable and high quality service.

We are located in Bydgoszcz, the important tool hub where you can recognize a huge demand for the above mentioned services. Our main business partners and customers come from the European Union and the domestic market. Our motto is: the sky is the limit!

In addition, we have storage, service and production rooms for rent for companies with various of activities, mainly from the tool industry, but not only. Our company is located in the facilities of the former Romet tool shop at Nakielska Street in Bydgoszcz.