Integart Sp. z o.o.
ul. Maszynowa 1
55-330 Błonie
+48 71 31 53 191


Integart 3D – distributor of machines for 3D printing in HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. Popularizer of 3D printing in individual industries 4.0 using the potential innovative materials, including thermoplastics (glass beads PA 11 and PA 12), elastomers as well as characterizing materials high fire resistance.

At the Demonstration Center 3D HP in Błonie near Wrocław not only print demonstrations and tests are held HP Jet Fusion 3D printers.In March 2022, Integart established the 3Demand company IBMT sp.z o.o. limited partnership (3Demand). Scope of activities performed by the company 3Demand is above all professional provision of 3D printing services.

One of the reasons for its creation is enlargement the range of services offered, including others about new additive technologies, issues related to Additive Manufacturing and advanced methods of finishing prints 3D. In May 2022, the company extends its offer about AMT Post post-processing equipment- PRO.