Nicrometal S.A.
ul. Starotoruńska 5
87-100 Toruń
+48 56 653 85 10


Nicrometal S.A. offers comprehensive services within the scope of management of production waste according to the circular economy.

The main profile of the company’s activity is comprehensive service in the field of waste management from the industrial sector and professional consulting. Nicrometal provides services to the companies operating in the field of aviation, automotive, chemical, shipbuilding and offshore industries.

Company offer:

• waste management of specialized alloys, including the purchase and selection of production waste of iron, nickel and cobalt alloys – the so-called superalloys (heat-resistant superalloys), as well as production waste from molybdenum, titanium and aluminum alloys,
• comprehensive service for production companies in the field of collection of all industrial waste, including hazardous waste,
• sourcing scrap metal from production companies,
• purchase of production waste in the form of plastics,
• purchase of any waste generated during production in the automotive industry,
• sale of stainless steel and grade II aluminum.