PW BLOT Zbigniew Pietrzak Stocki
ul. Nowa 2
48 517 554 307


P.W. Blot was founded in 2009 in Inowrocław. The scope of activities resulted from the need to support customers in the field of marketing. Over the years, the company’s portfolio began to respond to the wider needs of our customers from the plastic industry. Currently, we operate on three levels, which include: intermediation in the sale or acquisition of waste and regranulates, recruitment of employees and support for sales departments in acquiring customers.

For our contractors, we obtain waste for further processing from the domestic and foreign markets, which is often an opportunity for us to dispose of processed plastic – regranulate for further sale. Many years of cooperation with clients has resulted in giving us great trust and entrusting recruitment processes to the staff and managers.

The last level of cooperation with us is to increase the volume of customers by supporting sales departments in leads or defining the strategy of the sales department, HR department or the strategy of the entire company, which directly affects the result.