WESSPER sp. z o.o
ul. Przemysłowa 3
32-765 Rzezawa
788 694 284


Wessper is a Polish company producing accessories for small household appliances, such as water filters, moisture absorbers, accessories for vacuum cleaners and kitchen accessories. Thanks to the recent modifications, we have extended our portfolio with filter jugs of our own design, pool chemicals, filters and essential oils. Our modern factory was established in 2016 in Bochnia and has become a showcase of the region. We constantly invest in it and use energy-saving, operating and state-of-the-art devices, thanks to which we are able to meet the strictest design and quality requirements. We have automated manufacturing processes to improve the standard of work procedures and
optimized production while saving energy and exploring other environmental solutions. Paying close attention to quality and innovations on the market allowed Wessper to reach contractors on a worldwide basis. Thanks to the response of many satisfied customers we have the opportunity to increase the sales volume as well.